Creative Cluster

StoryFutures Creative Cluster creates and helps fund R&D projects with creative businesses in the 'Gateway Cluster region' immediately to London's west.

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StoryFutures Academy delivers cutting edge training in immersive technology and immersive storytelling for the traditional screen industries nationwide.

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Development Funds

StoryFutures Academy has development funds to support teams, companies and talent across the UK who have taken part in our Introductory Workshops, Experimental Labs, Writers Labs, Bootcamps or On-Set Training schemes.

Storytellers have always used technologies to create new storyworlds; we believe it is great stories that will make the virtual and augmented a reality. It is the storyteller that immerses the user in this new world. New storytelling tools now allow active participation, the ability to be present within a scene and the chance to touch, smell, see and hear - our remit is to innovate within these new storyworlds. We are looking for projects that will foreground the story and the storytelling within immersive.

If the world of immersive technologies is just opening up to you then our role is to help: providing you access to our research, technologist, technical and creative teams. We can introduce you to a wide-range of StoryFutures Academy industry partners who can help you map what might be possible and help you understand the cost implications for decisions.

Images from 'Common Ground', directed by Darren Emerson


To apply you'll need to meet the following requirements:

  • UK status: Applications must be made by or through a company registered and centrally managed in the UK
  • Age: Applicants and all team members must be 18+
  • Diversity: StoryFutures Academy operates with a pledge to ensure 50% of participants are women and 15-20% are from BAME backgrounds.
  • Track Record: Participants must have a substantial body of work and/or a considerable number of screen (or production, performance or equivalent) credits with demonstrable ability to drive a project through production to delivery.
  • Reporting: Applicants must agree to funder reporting requirements, including provision of relevant business and employment information
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